Behind the Scenes: Photographer Jan Klos & Ladies of Vogue

Inspired by the iconic Vogue 100 year anniversary cover featuring world-famous supermodels in 1992, photographer Jan Klos photographed some of London's top drag queens in a group portrait. The result is a 'playful homage to the world of fashion and magazines' (Vogue Italia, June 2018). 

I filmed a behind-the-scenes video chronicling the photo shoot, featured in Vogue Italia

Photo Team Credits:

Photography: Jan Klos

Lighting Assistant: Elliot James Moody

Production Assistants: Ruta Koudyte, Runa Larsen, Tony Grangeon

Video Team Credits:

Directed & Produced by Aleksandra Czenczek

Cinematography by Kate Stonehill

Assistant: Tanja Pagnuco

Music: Limboski, Stephen Eyre A/K/A Cassandra

Special Thanks To:

Teamwork Photo

The Worx Studios